Fostering Innovation | 2016

Event Start Date:
June 18, 2016
Event End Date:
June 18, 2016
Event Venue:
Main Hall | Trinity College Kandy

Innovation or new ideas, knowledge and mechanisms that enhance the productivity and efficiency of human action has been a driving force of human civilization. Innovative ideas from the wheel to the personal computer have revolutionized the way people go about their daily lives. Innovation has not only driven industry but has greatly influenced science, art, politics, economics and trade.

In this context, there are many such ideas that are yet to be explored in Sri Lanka. In the true spirit of TED, TEDxKandy under the theme, “Fostering Innovation” will provide a platform for speakers from a diverse range of backgrounds to voice their ideas and share their experiences of making a positive change in their community on a public forum. Thus, we believe that this event will help create space for and shape the public discourse on timely issues and ground-breaking ideas.